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Weddings in the Catholic Church are sacred events – a holy action in which a couple exchanges their vows (consent) to marry before the community, in the presence of a Minister of the Church and with the help of God, through Jesus Christ.

First Steps

1. Contact the parish office about your plans no less than four (4) months before your wedding.

Your wedding will be assigned to one of the parish Priests or deacons as your Presider. Once they have been assigned they will contact you to help you set your wedding date and time.

Your Presider will help lead you through all of the paperwork that is required and will also help you plan your wedding liturgy.

Please do not send out wedding invitations or put deposits down until you have a wedding date and time confirmed in writing from your Presider.

2. Register for a Marriage Preparation Class as soon as possible.

Remember, you cannot be married in the church without completing Marriage Preparation Classes. Call the parish office for dates.

Classes are only taught 2-3 times each year, so please register early.

3. Provide your wedding license to your Presider at least three weeks before your wedding.

This will allow time for the office to type the license and have it ready for your wedding day.

Basic Guidelines

Liturgy Planning: We strongly recommend that you start planning your ceremony AFTER talking with the person assigned to preside. This will help you make good choices and will help eliminate any unnecessary mistakes.

Scheduling: Weddings are not normally celebrated during Advent or Lent due to the liturgical nature of these two seasons. The Presider may make an exception to this rule but the proper respect for the liturgical season is important.

Weddings are normally held Friday evenings or on Saturdays before 2:00 pm at either of the parishes. Wedding times are dependent upon other liturgical events so actual wedding times are limited.

You will have a total of three hours in the church. One hour before the ceremony and one hour after the ceremony. Please plan your decorations and pictures accordingly.

Music: Please contact the Parish Music Coordinators, by calling the office at 522-4366 at least two months before your wedding.

Even if you plan to have outside musicians, you must coordinate with the Music Coordinators.

All music for your wedding is to be Sacred music. For example, popular wedding marches such as “Here Comes the Bride” and the “Wedding March” are NOT allowed. The Parish Music Coordinators will be able to help you make liturgically proper music choices.

Musicians from outside the parish are welcome.

Lectors/Ushers/Musicians/Servers: You are responsible to provide your own musicians, servers, ushers, and lectors, although your Presider will be glad to offer advice and to help connect you with those who can help.

Environment: Any decorations in the church need to be tasteful and in keeping with the Liturgical season.

Using balloons, bubbles, and the throwing of flowers, glitter, confetti, etc. inside the Church is not allowed. In the same manner rice, birdseed, confetti and glitter etc. are not to be thrown on the outside of the church.

Please do not move furniture or decorations around without the specific approval of your Presider.

The wedding party is responsible for the cleanup of the Church after the wedding. We suggest that you ask a couple of friends or relatives to provide this service as a gift to you.

Protective barriers need to be used under special candles and candelabras to prevent damage to altar linens or the Church.

Photography: Photography is encouraged during the ceremony.


No flash photography except at the entrance at the start of the ceremony.

Ask your photographers to remain in a single location and located so as to not be a distraction to your ceremony. If there are questions have your photographer talk with your Presider.

Ask your videographers to refrain from floodlights.

Encourage your relatives and friends to remain in their seats and to refrain from flash photography.

We recommend that you take your set wedding pictures before the ceremony. In that way you will be fresh for your pictures. This is especially helpful on warm days.


Alcohol/Drugs: We are concerned for your health and safety. We also desire that your wedding be memorable for all of the right reasons. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the church or on church property. If any of your wedding party arrives under the influence at either the rehearsal or the wedding they will be asked to leave.

Unity Candles: Unity candles are approved for nuptial ceremonies without Mass. If the wedding ceremony includes Mass then Unity Candles are not allowed.

Cultural Norms: Cultural norms such as offering flowers to the Virgin Mary and using the lasso may be permitted. Please ask your Presider for approval.

Visiting Clergy: You may use a visiting priest or deacon to preside at your wedding. We encourage you to invite relatives or close friends who are clerics to participate. Please contact the office so that one of the parish priests or deacons can help facilitate your desire to have a Presider from outside the parish.



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