Marriage – English


1. Schedule initial interview with a priest or deacon and fill out a marriage application form

At least six months before desired date. The facility cannot be reserved until the interview has been completed.

2. Submit required documents

Updated baptismal certificate with notations for both, marriage license, any additional documents requested by the priest or Parish office.

3. Request preferred date, church, and priest

The request needs to be approved and will be tentative pending completion of the online survey, initial interview, and availability

4. Pre-register and attend a pre-marriage class

Offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.

5. Meet with mentors

Mentors are coordinated through the Marriage Preparation Coordinator and will meet with the couple 5-6 times.

6. Pay fees

The breakdown of fees is listed below.

Basic Requirements for a Catholic Wedding

  1. Updated Baptismal Certificate with notations
    1. Must be dated within the last six months
    2. Must be requested from the Parish where the individual was baptized
    3. Must submit a certificate for the bride and groom
  2. Pre-marriage Class Verification
  3. Copy of Civil Marriage Certificate
    1. Only required for those already “civilly” married
  4. Marriage License
    1. As soon as possible
    2. For those who will be married for the first time
  5. State of Grace
    1. Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament of living therefore the couple must be in a state of grace and is required to go to confession prior to wedding date

Additional Requirements for Special Cases

  1. For a non-Catholic: a dispensation form will need to be filled out, signed by the presider, and sent to Boise
  2. For a civil marriage: a copy of the marriage license is required
  3. For widows: a copy of the death certificate is required
  4. For Annulments: a copy of decree of nullity from the marriage tribunal, and a copy of the divorce papers


  1. $20      Pre-Marriage Class
  2. $25      Online Survey (paid online: $8 survey, $12 two workbooks, $5 shipping)
  3. $300    Facility Use
  4. $200    Cleaning Deposit (refundable)
  5. $150    Stole Fee (for the priest or deacon)

Note: All the fees listed above are paid at the Parish office except for the Online Survey. All fees need to be paid no later than two weeks before the wedding; the Parish office accepts exact cash (change cannot be given) or personal checks.


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