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By the reception of the Sacrament of Baptism we become members of Jesus` Church and also members of the Mystical Body of Christ. For the parents and Godparents this means a serious obligation to God to care for the Catholic raising of the child, so that he/she grows to be an active member of our Church by learning our faith and living within it in their homes.

Saint John Paul II Parish is happy to baptize your child.  Because baptism is a fundamental sacrament of initiation, it is important that you are made aware of what is entailed in the preparation for baptism and for the actual liturgy.

Age at Time of Baptism

If the child is of the age of seven or older the parents can no longer make the decision for baptism. The child must make the decision on their own. If your child has already celebrated their 7th birthday, the Church recognizes that your child has reached the age of reason. Therefore, they must be enrolled in a process where they will learn about their faith and accept it before they can receive this Sacrament. Please call the Religious Education Office at 5224366 ext 112 for further information about this process.


Both parents should ask for the baptism. At least one of the parents needs to be a member of the Catholic Church.


The baptism will take place in the Catholic Church, and be celebrated by a Priest or Deacon. Baptisms are held on the first and third Saturday of each month. You need to schedule your date with the Parish Office in advance. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the liturgy commences. Take your places in the pews at the front of the church closest to the altar. Your family and friends are welcome to sit with you.

There may be several children being baptized, but there is plenty of room for all.
During the baptism, simply follow the Presider’s instructions and respond to liturgical questions in a loud voice. Ex. Do you believe in God? “I do.”

Baptismal Classes

The parents and the Godparents need to take baptismal classes prior to their child receiving the sacrament. If the child is old enough to understand, he/she should also come to the teachings. If you have taken the class within the two years prior to the baptismal date of your child you will not need to repeat them.


It is recommended that both Godparents be active Catholics. Both of the Godparents also need to be over the age of sixteen. At least one of the Godparents must be an active member of the Catholic Church, confirmed, and able to receive all of the Sacraments. The Godparent that is not Catholic should be a member of a Christian Trinitarian Church. The LDS religion does not fulfill this requirement. If the Catholic Godparents are married, to each other or to other people, they should be married in the Catholic Church and have been confirmed.

We’d like to remind you that all godparents MUST be married in the church. This is not our decision but that of the Diocese. Please know that talking to a priest in hopes that he will change his mind will not do. Please choose godparents that are active and that are married the Catholic Church.

For the Liturgy

The child must be dressed in white or light colors for the Baptism because this is part of the liturgy. The church will provide a baptismal candle for your child. You may bring with you a special candle if you wish to use that instead.


We recommend that the child receive at least one Christian name (a Saint’s name or Our Lady`s name). By this tradition we are asking their patron saint to help us raise the child in a Christian life and to take him/her to Eternal Salvation.


Since the church is a sacred place and Baptism is a sacred liturgy, please come dressed appropriately. The Presider will be anointing the chest of your child with holy oil; please take that into consideration when preparing your child for the liturgy (tuxedos are difficult, but a button-up shirt and dresses are fine)

Cell phones and pagers should be silenced, and there is no food, drink, or gum allowed in the church. Baby bottles are an exception.


It is customary to give a stipend to the church for any sacrament or special mass celebrated in order to assist in the upkeep of the Church and to help pay for lighting and heating costs. Stipends can be placed in an envelope and given to the Presider or be sent to the parish office.

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