Vita Con Amici is a fellowship ministry for adults in our parish. It was started as a way for parishioners to make connections with one another and to build community through those relationships. Vita Con Amici means “Life with Friends” in Italian and all are welcome to participate in fellowships as they are able. It is our hope that our life in Christ around the altar will be enriched by the friendship of others around the table of fellowship and hospitality.

Because of limited bulletin space, we use email as our primary way to give detailed communication for planned events. Past fellowships have included potlucks at Idaho Brewing Company, Happy Hours at various local restaurants, new parishioner welcome gatherings and supporting other parish groups such as the Knights of Columbus St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We also facilitate Bible Studies twice a year in the Fall and Lent.

We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at vitaconamici@gmail.com to be added to our contact list and to learn about upcoming events!