Guidelines in Spanish

Hello everyone.
Attached are the guidelines for opening the church for public worship in Spanish. FYI, I uploaded a video to our Facebook page this afternoon I did make a mistake regarding when people can reserve a spot for Mass on May 9-10. Days and times for reservations are Monday – Wednesday, 9am-12pm.

Hola a todos. Se adjuntan las pautas para abrir la iglesia para el culto público en español. Ademas, esta tarde subí un video a nuestra página de Facebook. Cometí un error sobre cuándo la gente puede reservar un lugar para la misa del 9 al 10 de mayo. Los días y horarios de reserva son de lunes a miércoles de 9 a.m. a 12 p.m.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Fr. Ron

Guidelines for Mass

Please note the following Fr. Ron sent late last night (April 30):

Hello everyone,
Good evening! First of all, please forgive the delay in getting this information to you. There are a lot of issues to consider and we wanted to be sure that we considered most of them before information was made public. I’m certain that we have forgotten some things, but this is a work in progress.

Attached are some Guidelines for opening our church on a limited basis. The provide a framework for us to follow and will be adjusted accordingly, once we see how they work. Please be patient.

I want to say a few things that I cannot underscore enough: your safely is my number one priority! God forbid that someone gets sick because they came to church! With that said, if you are part of the vulnerable community please continue to worship with us online. We will continue Masses online for the foreseeable future. Certainly this isn’t the ideal, but for some it may be the most prudent way to give God glory.

For those wishing to come to church, this first weekend I’m going to ask that you call to reserve a spot. There are only a limited number of spaces in each church (40 for Holy Rosary and 50 in Christ the King). To avoid unnecessary confusion I’m hoping that calling ahead will provide some order and fairness for people coming to church. We will evaluate this next week.

Those coming to church are reminded to pray for those who are unable to gather publicly. Whether we worship God at home, in our cars or in a church building, let us all raise our voices in joy to the Lord and proclaim: HE IS RISEN, ALLELUIA-ALLELUIA!

Easter Blessings to all.

A Spanish translation for the Guidelines will be sent out as soon as I can get them done.
~Fr. Ron