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HandsWelcome to our Parish Family

If you are new to the area, we hope that you will feel at home here. The word “parish” comes from the Greek word meaning a “way station” – a home away from home, a place of hospitality for the wayfarer and stranger. That’s what we want our parish community to be — a gathering place for people on a journey to the Lord.

We are a faith community that strives to be open and welcoming. As part of the Roman Catholic Church we are a sacramental community and we express ourselves fully when we assemble to celebrate the Eucharist, giving praise and thanksgiving to God. Our parish family is made up of many generations, singles, couples, families, young and old. All are invited to share their time, talent, and treasure as a way to give back to God a share of all that God has given them: Sacrificial Giving is a way of life we are called to.

If you have not registered please do so by filling out the:

You can either email this to or bring into or send to the parish office at 145 9th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83404.

Need to change your address and/or phone number?
Just email or call the office at 522.4366.
Please include
-your name how you would like it to appear on any mailings,
-your old address
-your new information.