First Communion

“The Eucharist is the principal expression of Christ’s presence among us,” – Pope John Paul II.

The Sacramental Preparation Program is for children in school grades 2-8.

One year of basic catechesis classes is required prior to enrolling in sacramental preparation classes. This first year concentrates on age-appropriate tenants of Catholicism.

The child must be seven-years-old (usually 2nd grade) and baptized in the Catholic Church to begin sacramental preparation classes.

The sacramental preparation year concentrates on preparing students for reconciliation and the reception of the Holy Eucharist. This year requires extensive participation by parents or guardians. The year culminates with two or more special First Communion Masses in which all children that are enrolled in the program and have completed all requirements will receive their first communion.

Sacramental Prep classes are taught in conjunction with the Elementary Education program: